Movie Predictions

Predictions are statements that involve the future. Prophecy, predictions, and divination are all solid aspects of future studies that should be recognised and implemented when talking about the future of the film industry. We have been able to predict a lot of what the future holds, in terms of the movement of the stars and likely scenarios to occur again from studies of our past. This section of the site will be my own predictions of what movies are likely to be remade, reimagined to further their relevance for an audience of the future. Predictions of the future from sci-fi movies are already coming to fruition such as space travel in Le Voyage Dans La Lune, video correspondence from 2001: A Space Odyssey and many more (Johnson, 2019). 

back to the future 2.jpg

Back to

the Future

In my personal opinion, back to the future is one of the most well-known sci-fi movies of the '80s. The themes and ideas we see in this film are comical and another world, especially in the second instalment. Set in 2015, we see flying cars, hydrators and hoverboards. In 2020, seeing these things being represented is almost a disappointment. It would be super interesting to see a remake of this film set further in the future with new ideas of what the future will look like. 


Star wars
- Original



There is no doubt that the Star Wars original trilogy changed the game for sci-fi movies. With remakes, reboots and continuations, it is not a stretch to say that this cult classic, in the future will be remade and remastered again. Though it may not be anytime soon, as our own technology evolves, especially with movie-making, these movies are likely to be remade. This is however dangerous ground to tread as fans wouldn't want them touched. I see these being remade for a new audience where the old ones no longer stand against the quality of new technology.  

demon seed.jpg



This movie might be a little left-field but is a sci-fi film that has already addressed the ideas of smart homes and cyborgs/robots. This '70s film could 100% remade or revised in some way to develop a more thriller/sci-fi classic that really makes the audience think about where we are heading for the future. We have visited the idea of robots and humans making connections and developing emotions that using this idea again would not be out of place. Though there is no cult following for the film in comparison to star wars or back to the future, I would love to see this idea developed in the near future for audiences now.  

space od.jpeg

2001: A SPace



2001: Space Odyssey is what we know as probably the most influential sci-fi film to date. Though its reception back in the late '60s was mixed at best, so many of the films themes and concepts translate into our current society. Set in 2001, we are now not far from what we actually viewed in the film. Although abstract, I think if this was revised again or a sequel made, we would be able to keep the integrity of the film while exploring newer notions of space that we have since learnt when this first came out. As our space and communication technology has evolved, the ideas In the film could evolve too. Who wouldn't want a modern twist on Hal and the giant question mark around the monolith. 

These are just a few simple ideas of what the film industry could look like with sci-fi films. If I were to go deeper I could talk about all the Disney remakes and all movies turned tv-series and so on and so forth. However, I wanted to focus this on ideas based around future cultures which just so happens to correlate heavily with aspects of sci-fi. If you can any more recommendations of what sci-fi movies might be expected either through remakes or just general ideas, I would love to hear them. You can either head over to my Twitter page and send me a dm or use the contact function on one of my other pages.