Where We are Now

We have all seen a sci-fi or dystopian film in our lives. Whether we think of it as something that is completely improbable, or just another form of entertainment. There is more to what we have now than we may realise. 

Technology is becoming a massive part of our lives and the movie industry in particular. We are now seeing new technologies that are revolutionising the production of films. 

Though technology is producing some of the highest quality content we have ever seen, but also a key focal point in the content of sci-fi films

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Where We are Heading

We have the technology to build a global paradise on earth, and at the same time, we have the power to end life as we know it. I am a futurist. I cannot predict the actual future - only what it can be if we manage the earth and its resources intelligently. - Jacque Fresco


This quote has inspired me when thinking about what our future holds for us. Especially when looking at sci-fi films in particular, we often seen many predictions of what our future could look like. When viewing these films we need to keep in mind where we are headind and what we can do to ensure our future be one of peace and happiness.  

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What we can Predict

It is obvious to note that as we have already seen so many technologcal advancements in society, that there will just be more and more to come. 

As predicitions of the future of often scrutinzed, looking at our current resources and where we are evolving currently we can notice trends that are likely to keep growing. 

The biggest notion that has stuck in my mind over the past week studying future cultures and theories is the notion of the rise of robots and cyborgs in our society. We see it in films now and no doubt will continue to until... maybe the robots are the actors.....

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